2017 - 2018 VOICE Missions Trip

This VOICE Missions trip is a nine month trip from October 2017 through late July 2018. We are looking for people with a passion for ministry, a love for children, and a willingness to serve. Please carefully read the following information before proceeding to the application page.


MID-LATE OCTOBER - The new volunteers arrive at their individual team stations. Most people will start teaching within their first week.

NOVEMBER - At some point during this month we usually hold our VOICE Missions Retreat – a weekend where all the teams come together for a time of fellowship and encouragement.

LATE JANUARY - The first semester of school ends this month and the Chinese New Year vacation begins. This vacation is usually 2-3 weeks long. Many VOICE Missions volunteers take this time to travel to surrounding countries, work on local ministries, or relax and prepare for the upcoming semester.

MID FEBRUARY - The second semester starts mid to late February. At this point, if the sponsors request, we sometimes recruit a few more volunteers to help out with the spring workload.

APRIL - We usually hold our second VOICE Missions Retreat sometime in April.

LATE JUNE - The school semester usually ends the last week of June. At this point, the sponsor may choose to send some volunteers back early, but many of the volunteers need to stay for summer camps.

JULY - There are usually 2-3 weeks of summer camps during the month of July. Sometimes volunteers from multiple teams work together to facilitate these camps.


TESOL TRAINING = $80. - $400.

There are many different options for TESOL training, but most online 60+ hour courses cost between $200.-400. For more information about TESOL training visit our Requirements page.

BACKGROUND CHECK = $25. - $50.

Since you will be working with young children, we require a background check before joining the program. The cost of this screening varies state by state, but the price is usually between $25.-$50.


Because you will be staying in Taiwan for 11 months you will need a visa. The initial visa application costs $160. and secure shipping to the Taiwanese embassy will cost about $40.



Housing on or near the CEI will be provided for each VOICE Missions volunteer.


You will be provided with a monthly living stipend. This stipend will be enough to cover your personal living expenses while you are in Taiwan.


After arriving in Taiwan, you will receive some training to prepare you for your time serving in Taiwan.



Your sponsor expects that you will be a responsible and professional adult. Even though you are serving as a volunteer, your sponsor will expect the same level of professionalism that they expect from their hired staff. This means that when you are volunteering at their school you will need to whole heartedly participate and treat all the staff and students with respect.


VOICE Missions has many similar expectations to the sponsors. On top of these expectations, we also recognize that you are here for more than simple volunteer work – you are here to represent Christ. We expect all of our volunteers to demonstrate the character of Christ, abide by VOICE Missions’ rules, and work well with their team members.


Making the decision to go into missions work should not be taken lightly. During the 11 month trip you will likely face many difficulties as you work and minister in a different culture. Below are some questions to ask yourself before making the decision to come:

  • Do I like working with children? 
    Volunteers with VOICE Missions work with children almost every day. Some of our volunteers teach over 1000 students over their 11 months of service.

  • Am I OK with being immersed in a different culture? 
    The Taiwanese culture is vastly different from American culture. Americans living in Taiwan quickly learn that this culture does not have the same concepts about safety, privacy, and work/personal boundaries that the American culture has developed. As guests of this country, we are expected to show deference to this culture and learn to accept these differences.

  • Am I willing to limit some of my personal freedoms while living in Taiwan? 
    Working on a mission’s team will limit some of your personal freedoms. Are you willing to give of yourself and your time in order to invest in your team and in the people of Taiwan?

  • Why do I really want to come? 
    List all of the reasons why you want to come. Are these reasons good or bad? Make sure that you have good motivations for wanting to be involved in mission’s work.


If you are ready to apply for the 2017-2018 VOICE Missions trip click the link below to proceed.