Stories of God’s workings in and through the lives of VOICE Missions volunteers in Taiwan!

“I have had the amazing privilege to be a part of VOICE Missions for about 2 years. At first I didn't truly know in my heart how to be a channel of God's love, or how share about Him in another country. I also had some doubts because I'm not a professional teacher, I didn’t know anything about the culture, I’m not good with foreign languages, and I’m afraid to travel to an Asian country by myself.

Let me tell you that a mission trip like VOICE will quench all those thoughts and make you realize how insignificant those ideas are. As I think back to my time in Taiwan, I am flooded with the number of encounters of God's grace, in ways I've never before experienced. Having taken this opportunity to come to Taiwan has changed my personal life and elevated my spiritual life like never before.

I could tell thousands of stories or experiences but I'd need many days. My biggest testimony is this: God qualifies the unqualified because He is not looking for capable hands, He’s looking for available ones. I encourage anyone whose desire is to go deeper in a relationship with God to take this challenge to be more than a teacher, foreigner, or common Christian, and be an inspiration to others.”

“Teacher is this goodbye forever?” A student asks me in Chinese as we say goodbye on Friday. For a moment, I catch my breath and look into those precious, brown eyes that look so earnestly and pleadingly into mine. “I hope not.” I answer knowing, that in my year in Taiwan the chances of seeing this student from a mountain school might be rare. Yet, I hope that the short time I’ve had will help change this child’s choices in the future and that he will turn to Christ."

“I never thought that teaching or living in Asia would be a part of my life, but God called me to Taiwan three years ago and I haven't looked back once. It's been amazing to see His faithfulness and provision in my life in bringing me here!”

“I didn't come kicking and screaming, but let's just say I didn't like teaching kids and that's what this job is all about. Turns out, God knows me better than I know myself and He put me here as much to learn from my students as to teach them, which I now love. I will never regret taking that leap after Jesus.”